Invisible Bra a Rising Trend for Your Total Freedom

This season the latest trend is to wear Invisible Bra, Silicone or Adhesive Bras. Although this is not a new invention as it was designed in 1947 by inventor Charles Lang. He saw that his wife was sunbathing and  not able to avoid the straps of her swimsuit. So he designed an adhesive that could be both removed easily and stick tight.

And what was first designed to achieve an even suntan spread to be weared under other garments. As fashion trends are always coming back, here we have Silicone Bras again.

Wondering the Utility of a Silicone Bra?

For many women, this kind of bra is a myth. They doubt if it works, it is reliable and comfy. But that’s because they haven’t tried it yet!

There are many occasions in which you need your undergarment to look like as it it were not under your outfit. Sometimes it is because you have to dress up. And others it is just because the usual styles like strapless, backless, spaghetti strap or low-cut require an invisible bra.

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Why Should you Wear a Sticky Bra?

Maybe you have been tempted some time to go braless to avoid showing it off and being able to show off your atonishing cleavage. But this is not a good option whether you are the type of flat-chested woman or big breasted woman. In the first case because you will look like flatter than you are actually. And in the second one because you would not be able to avoid nippleage, bouncing or back strain.

Sometimes you may have fallen in love with a dress or top but have thought twice before buying it. Or even you have not bought it at all because the bra was impossible to hide. All you need is an invisible bra.

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What is it Really an Adhesive Bra?

Whenever the case, we have the perfect answer to all the situations: Adhesive Bra, also known as sticky bra or silicone push up bra. No matter how you call them. The thing is that an adhesive bra is made up of two bra cups and a layer of adhesive applied directly onto the breasts. They are usually made of silicone.

There are many types of sticky bras, being the most common two separate fillets with a clip in the middle or with a drawstring in the middle. The more comfortable and easier to hide are the ones that come in two separate fillets, as they adapt to all types of cleavage.

Trends are always changing, and nothing can surprise us anymore. We use different tricks to look beautiful, but an adhesive tape? Really? More and more women tend to use this product instead of a sticky bra. The reason is simple. The tape brings us everything we want: stability, support, shape, and definition.

Doubts about Adhesive Push Up Bras.

You might be wondering by now if these silicone bras work for all breast sizes, and the answer is Yes, absolutely. All you have to do is to use them in the correct form.

Another question you may have is if these adhesive bras work well in those really hot summer days or another sweaty moments. The answer again is Yes. They stay in place.

And what it is best, you can reuse them. All you have to do is to rinse them with water after every use and leave them to dry overnight. Do not ever machine wash or soak your invisible bra in water, as it can damage the adhesive power forever.

Invisble Adhesive Push Up Bra coolandcrazytrends

You only have to run the adhesive bra under running water and clean it with the palm of your hand in a circular motion. If you like, you may use some drops of hand soap. Then, rinse well, shake off excess water and, with the sticky side up, leave it to air dry.

I can think of another good reason for wearing an sticky bra. No matter if you are wearing a backless dress or top: just to feel the freedom and feel really comfortable without a strap running across your back, whereas supporting your breasts. That is great.

By the way, Celebrities “wear” silicone push up bras on the red carpet and we must admit that their cleavages always look stunning!

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