How to deal with summer heat waves

What to Know About Summer Heat Waves

Summer heat waves can play tricks on us, especially among the most vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, as well as children or the chronically ill. At the same time, adults must be very careful because heat stroke can endanger our lives.

As summer sets in, heat and also the humidity increase, but sometimes they come suddenly and very high temperatures are reached without us having time to acclimatize.

Excessive heat can be a health hazard, especially if exposure to such high temperatures is prolonged.

If we do not take certain measures that help lower body heat and restore our balance, there is a risk of suffering from sunstroke or heat stroke, which can cause dehydration due to the loss of fluids and mineral salts, and cause serious consequences for the body.

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Recommendations to survive high temperatures of heat waves in summer:

-Experts recommend not going out in the middle of the day, unless there is no other choice, but to do so and if this is your case, we can recommend this USB Portable Mini Fan.

-It is highly recommended that we stay hydrated, drinking water regularly so that our body does not become dehydrated and even spraying our face and body with water; this Portable Mini Fan with Water Spray being very useful.

-Avoid copious meals that force heavy digestion is a very useful advice to face a heat wave.

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-If you are at home, it is best that all rooms remain closed tight and if you do not have to strain your eyes much through the darkness, better in the dark until the central hours of the sun go away. That is when you should ventilate the house and let fresh air in, but better wait for the night.

-It is advisable to use light pajamas, or if not, sleep naked directly, and in cotton or linen sheets, which breathe well and prevent sweat.

-Cold water cloths are also highly recommended, applying them to the most sensitive parts of the body before going to sleep.

-There are many of us who spend hours and hours in front of the PC, and when the heat is tight we have the need to combat it in some way and these folded USB charging fans help us without spending much money.

Which portable mini fan is better? We analyze them so that you can choose your best option.

Mini Portable Folded USB Charging Fan

This Mini Fan could be easily hold in hand and carry around in a bag. This personal fan could also be set on flat surface (perfect for office table or desktop), beach holiday, travelling, walking, camping, exercising, and more.

It works with USB charger, laptop, computer, power bank and other USB-enabled devices.

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2 in 1 USB Portable Mini Fan with Water Spray

This newest mini portable fan with humidifier can be used individually or together. In hot days, the humidifier & fan help to make the temperature down and keep your skin moisturized all the time.

Rechargeable cooling fan is built-in battery, easy to carry for anywhere.

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USB Portable Mini Fan with Power Bank

Dual purpose of keeping you cool and charging your phone. The flashlight is quite bright and can be useful in dark areas or if electricity is out.

The foldable design makes it easy to carry and store.

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