The 2018 Definitive Guide to Choose your Best Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of the accessories we can wear all year long, as our friend the sun uses to rise every morning, or maybe it is a little cloudy and this situation may bother our eyes. That is why it is important to know how to choose your best sunglasses.

Fortunately, this does not mean we have to use the same glasses since every Spring starts a new season and we have plenty of fashionable designs to choose from.

And this is great news because this wide range of sunglasses designs allows us to decide on the best shape that fits our features, personality or the look we may need at any time.

So we can find designs that combine the same frame but with different variations in their shapes, and the materials they are made of go from metal, plastic or acetate.

How To Choose your Best Sunglasses? This Will Help You Decide!


-Choose your Best Sunglasses: Cat Eye Sunglasses

Although there is nothing new under the sun, the design that stands out this Spring-Summer is Cat Eye Frame. Yes, we all know this design was fashionable a couple of years ago, but this season comes with a funny touch.


If you like Cat Eye Frame, you can choose among a Large Design which will elongate your face and give your look a diabolical touch, or Extreme Cat Eye Frame where you can find lenses that are quite large and others that are really small, thus making your appearance sharper and intriguing.

And finally, if you do not like the extremes, you can choose a Rectangular Cat Eye Design giving your appearance a retro-classic eyeglass style.

-Choose your Best Sunglasses: Round Sunglasses

Round Sunglasses are also a must this spring. We all know that John Lennon was the one who popularized this design some time ago, but right now many celebrities have chosen this frame.

Here again we can choose from different materials, shapes and sizes to get a fresh and modern approach to a very cool and classic style of frame. If you like outdoor activities, such as cycling, cruising, shopping and street photo shoots, then, the Classic Retro Steampunk Glasses are good for you.

If you are looking for a look change and not going unnoticed, your best choice is the retro silhouette that you will achieve with Round Vintage Sunglasses with Text printed.


You can also stay faithful to Lennon’s style and decide for a Vintage Round Sunglasses Design with Polarized Lenses, thus getting an antireflective attribute as well.

Against oversized sunglasses designs we find a trend that goes for a different style represented by Long and Skinny Sunglasses, a trend that is greatly supported by many models.

-Choose your Best Sunglasses: Oversized Sunglasses

Spring is a season that spreads joy thanks to the explosion of color of flowers blooming here and there. If you want to achieve a guy look, your best choice will be Oversized Square Color Sunglasses. The square shape will accentuate your angular features for a more defined look and the oversized frame will give you that mysterious appeal.

Or maybe you might prefer another frame for your colorful look and decide on Round Colorblock Sunglasses. It’s a question of which one goes best with your personality.

polygon oversized half frame sunglasses 11

Oversized Frames have a double purpose. On the one hand, prevents you from the damage of sun rays and on the other, allows you not to look people in the eyes.

Another more sophisticated trend lies in Drop Temples, where we find a slide of the handles between the frames and the ears. The frames are made of thin metal and the lenses are antireflective.

-Choose your Best Sunglasses: Other Trends

Square Frames are not the most outstanding trend this Spring-summer Season, but if you want to give your look an interesting and suggestive touch, this is really your design.

Printed Frame Design on Sunglasses is another trend to take into account, especially if you like to stand out and be remembered for your singular look.

Or maybe you do not like either of the previous designs. Do not worry, if you are the kind of woman who likes some retro-futuristic eyewear designs, then Sci-Fi Frames are your best option. Your face will have a futuristic air.

Tortoiseshell Design is a trend that has always been on the spotlight due to its easiness to adapt to design and color and its capacity to soften your look.

double-bridge clip on aviator sunglasses 8

And you will be unforgettable if you decide to wear Blingy Sunglasses. You may give your look either a modern and edgy touch or a colorful and glamorous one.

Although Metal Wireframes are a classical design for corrective eyewear, and they are also an option for sunglasses, it is up to you to decide on an oversized design with rounded-square lenses or a small one for a distinctive look.

-Choose your Best Sunglasses: Rimless Sunglasses

When you want to pretend you are not wearing sunglasses the best option for you is Semi-Rimless Sunglasses. But believe me, you will not be unnoticed.

Vintage Style Wood Legs Rimless Sunglasses 7 byn

And if you are looking for a futuristic and modern look, then your best option is Rimless Sunglasses. They come in both colored and transparent lenses. It is up to you which one you prefer.

Yellow Lenses are the most surprising color for this Spring-Summer. Though it may seem an unflattering color, it will soften your face. But if you still think yellow it is not your favourite color, you may choose another one like red, pink, blue.

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