Wear Your Granny Panties and Don’t feel Embarrassed

Do you dare to wear your Granny Panties once more? Or maybe are you the only one that has even never tried ?

A great number of women like to follow the fashion trends that are available in the countless fashion blogs and websites. Other women even feel kind of compelled to follow them no matter if those trends are practical or appealing for them.

Do not worry anymore as we all know fashion is like the movement of the tide. What was stylish some years before tends to fade away and an almost forgotten trend seems to come back again. And what is best, this happens with all garments, even Granny Panties!!

Do you remember some years ago when all women assumed to wear thongs, just because they were considered sexy, cute, or hide the panty lines? No matter if you feel uncomfortable about them or just they are not your style.

wear your granny panties 1

Do not worry anymore if you wear your Granny Panties as they have come back to stay with us for a time. But do not panic. It is not what you are thinking of. You know, those huge panties that look more like a swimsuit than just pants.

We are not talking either about pants for your granny that are supposed to be dull. And of course we do not speak of just a full fitting brief ment to provide only comfort. We are talking of lingerie designed not to attract men but thinking of women preferences.

So, which is the answer? Wear Granny Pants or not?

The point is to combine both sexiness and comfort according to women tastes. And what is best not having to discard any design. If you like thongs, you can still get them. And if you prefer to wear a full bottom underwear, you will find a great number of designs as well. It is up to you.

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