How to Stay Fit while you Stay at Home

Covid-19 coronavirus has unfortunately spread all over the world. Governments urge people to stay away from crowds and even in many countries companies are shut down and people have to stay at home. So you will find yourself spending lots of hours at home for nobody knows how much time.

As cases rise every day, you may have to stay one of these days working at home due to the lockdown of workplaces. This means you will have to say goodbye to workout studios, fitness centers and gyms, among many other activities.

The best way to survive this confinement, and not fall into the trap of lazing around the house and spend lots of hours in front of the idiot box, is to create a routine where exercise is a must.

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Creating Routines to Stay Fit while you Stay at Home

So, if you are already working at home or your local gym is closed, you will have to set a routine in order to find time for both activities, job and exercise. Think about the best hour for you and establish it as the time you were supposed to attend the gym.

Maybe you are among those people that never do exercise at all, but it’s never too late to start, as exercise is good in order to stay both physically and mentaly fit.

We have some suggestions of exercises that can be done anywhere, anytime and, what’s best, at any fitness level, so you will not spend your free time just laying down on the couch.

These days is advisable to stay at home, but it is also not less important to stay fit. So, come on, let’s get in shape.

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We will start with:

Total Body Workout Stick Resistance with Elastic Band

-Side Leg

Place the pilates stick on the vertical floor, cover the foot with the protective strap, and lift the foot to the side. Continue in alternating fashion.


Let the protective belt cover your feet, keep standing and then move your hands forward, one foot to the back. Relax your body and practice the vest line.

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-Leg lift

Lying flat on the ground, the protective belt covers the feet, grasping the foam handle with both hands, and lifting the legs while.

-Half twisted

Keep a half-turned state, front and rear feet, grab the foam handle, rotate the waist and twist the body.

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Stay Fit while you Stay at Home: Exercises with Booty Workout Band

-Flutter Kicks

Lie flat on your back with legs straight. Lift both legs up in the air about 45 degrees. Keeping your core stable and legs straight, perform a kicking motion, alternating legs.

-Donkey Kicks

Begin on your hands and knees. Place your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Return the leg back and repeat with other leg.

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-Spiderman Push-ups

Start in a high plank position. Lower into a Push-up while bringing your right knee to your rigth elbow. Push up to return to a high plank and move your leg back to the starting position. Repeat on your left side and continue in alternating fashion.

-Alternate Leg Press

Lie on your back. Lift your chest and head up and rest on your forearms. Lift both legs about 6 inches off the ground. Kick your right leg out to full extension and tuck your left knee into your chest. Repeat on opposite side and continue in alternating fashion.

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Another option:

4 Tubes Latex Training Sporty Device 

-Waist Training

The body is sitting on a yoga mat with your feet flat on the fixed pedal and your hands on the handles. Use your waist to realine and lie on your back. Repeat several times to effectively exercise the waist to reduce waist fat.

-Shoulder Training

The body stands straight and put the feet in the fixed pedal. Hold the handle with both hands and pull it up and down according to your own situation. Repeat it several times.

4 tubes training tool

-Hand Training

Place the two feet in the fixed pedal, bend it at 90 degrees, then hold the arm with your hand and pull it with a uniform force. Hold the tensioner with your palm to exercise the inner muscle of the arm.

-Waist Training

The body lies flat on the yoga mat holding the handle of the puller with both hands, the feet are placed on the pedals, the legs are forced forward, and the movements are repeated 16 times/group which can effectively exercise the legs muscles and waist strength.

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